By Webmaster
April 29, 2017

This past Saturday evening, we held our annual Inspection Dinner. Guests from police, EMS and fire departments from around the county were invited to this event, as well as local lawmakers. At our Inspection Dinner, we also gave out awards to members for various roles:

Most Clean up Hours 2017: Explorer Matt Eiden
Most Drills 2016: Robert Seltzer
Most Alarms 2016 : Brian Porricelli
Explorer of the Year 2016 : Dominic Raguso
Rookie of the Year 2016: Robert Silipigni
Firefighter of the Year 2016: 3rd Lieutenant Paul Levi

Many members and guests also received plaques

Recognition of Donation to Explorers Post: Richard & Regina Meilman
Plaque for donation to complete our exercise room: NYS Assemblyman David Buchwald
20-Year Badge: Michael T. Horan
30-Year Plaque: Claudio Balloffet

This dinner gave us the chance to celebrate Ex-Chief Greg Santone while also introducing our new chief Jorge Rodrigues. We would like to thank all members and their families for another year of dedication and bravery.

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