Congrats to Our Newest Chiefs and Officers!
By Member Aaron Schapiro
April 9, 2019

Thursday evening, the Millwood Fire Co. #1 had our annual meeting to vote on the newest slate of firematic and company officers. We would like to congratulate our newest officer staff!

Chief (2251): Jan Schwark
1st Assistant Chief (2252): Frank Nestro
2nd Assistant Chief (2253): Chris Raguso
Captain (2254): Robert McCarthy
1st Lieutenant (2255): Michael T. Horan
2nd Lieutenant (2256): Andrew Parkis
3rd Lieutenant (2257): Doug Lyon

President: Claudio Balloffet
Vice President: Charlie Canero
Executive Secretary: Bob Seltzer
Treasurer: Christina Araujo
Company Secretary: Steven Bruckenthal
Member-at-Large: Scott Stein
Member-at-Large: Doug Lyon

We would also like to thank Chief Jorge Rodrigues for his years as Chief of the department.