Introducing Our New Engine 247
April 27, 2020

The Millwood Fire Co. #1 and Fire District is proud to announce that our brand new Engine 247 is officially in service!

Engine 247 is a 2020 KME Severe Service with a 1500 gpm pump, 750 gallon water tank and 30 gallon foam tank. Our new engine also features a The Will-Burt Nightscan Light Tower, a telescoping deck gun, a Hurst Jaws of Life Combi Tool, and a rear intake/intake. Some finishing touches still need to be done, such as finishing lettering, but for the safety of members and vendors, this will be completed gradually.

This engine replaces our 1997 Spartan that served us tirelessly for 23 years. We are thrilled to have our new engine serve the Millwood Fire District for many years to come.