Rescue 36 Responds Mutual Aid to Elmsford
August 18, 2020

Just after 2:30am this morning, Rescue 36 was requested mutual aid to Elmsford Fire Department on a working fire assignment in a condo complex for its cascade system. A cascade system refills firefighters' air packs on scene of an incident. Car 2251 (Chief Raguso), 2253 (Chief McCarthy) and Rescue 36 responded and split the full crew into 2 teams. The first team assisted with fire suppression in an adjacent apartment and the second team filled air bottles on Rescue 36. During the incident, Rescue 36 filled over a dozen bottles. Millwood members worked with members from Fairview Fire Department, Hartsdale Fire Department, Irvington Fire Department, Valhalla Fire Department, Ardsley Fire Department and Tarrytown Fire Department to extinguish the fire. Units were back in service within 4 hours.

Units: Car 2251, Car 2253, Rescue 36