Millwood FD Responds Mutual Aid to Croton Trailer Fire
December 27, 2020

Just before 2am, Millwood FD Engine 247 was requested to relocate to Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department Station 3 while they operated at a multi-trailer fire at Croton-Harmon Yards. About an hour after arriving at Croton Station 3, Car 2251 (Chief Raguso), 2253 (Chief McCarthy) and Engine 247 were redirected to the scene to assist Croton, Peekskill Fire Department, Buchanan Fire Department, Yorktown Heights Fire Department, Ossining Fire Department, and Montrose VA Fire Department with overhaul and clean up of the scene. Millwood members operated on scene for an hour before returning to service.

Units: Car 2251, Car 2253, Engine 247