Severe Thunderstorm Responses
June 9, 2021

At 3:15pm during yesterday's storm, Millwood FD was dispatched with the Ossining FD FASTeam and Briarcliff Manor FD Engine 94 to a reported basement fire on Pinesbridge Road. Car 2252 (Chief Rodrigues) and Ossining Car 2331 first arrived on scene and determined that lightning struck a tree, causing a propane line to bleed off and ignite in the basement, resulting in a small fire. Members quickly extinguished the fire and mutual aid units were quickly returned to service.

Just after returning to quarters from this call, Millwood FD was dispatched to a reported tree fire on Overlook Road. Units arrived on scene to find a tree was struck by lightning and caught fire. Engine 248 was first to arrive on scene and worked to extinguish the fire. Units returned to service within an hour.

Units: Car 2251, 2252, 2253, Engine 247, Engine 248, Ladder 52
Mutual Aid: Briarcliff Engine 94 (Canceled), Ossining FASTeam (Canceled)