Tanker 15 Responds Mutual Aid to Yorktown
August 19, 2021

Just after 10:30 last night, Millwood FD Tanker 15 was requested mutual aid to the Yorktown Heights FD with the Ossining FD FASTeam for smoke in the structure at the Teatown Reservation. Tanker 15 was added to the assignment due to Yorktown’s Tanker 14 being out of service. Car 2251 (Chief Raguso), 2252 (Chief Rodrigues), 2253 (Chief McCarthy) and Tanker 15 arrived on scene to help investigate the smoke and determined it was a boiler malfunction. This led to CO throughout the structure. Members assisted with ventilation and searching the structure. Millwood units were back in service in under an hour.

Units: Car 2251, Car 2252, Car 2253, Tanker 15