Welcome Home New Car 2253
February 27, 2023

Millwood FD is proud to welcome our new Car 2253 home! We can't thank our friends at RFC Emergency Lighting enough for helping us put together another great chiefs' car.

The new 2022 Chevy Tahoe SSV chiefs' car features the Whelen Engineering CenCom Core Controller with DVI and flashover cruise, which helps reduce the harsh flashing edges for nighttime applications, making it easier for drivers to see emergency scenes from a farther distance away, while being less distracting and disorienting. Through its DVI park mode, the flashing lights are are slightly dimmed, creating a smoother transition on motorists' eyes. These features, alongside a number of other features from 1st In Emergency Products and Pro-gard Products, and improvements over previous cars through technological advancements push our department towards creating even safer scenes for emergency personnel and the public.