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Join Us!

The Millwood Fire Company serves the Millwood area in the town of New Castle, including many homes with Chappaqua and Ossining addresses. We do more than just respond to fires. We help people in car accidents, life-threatening medical emergencies, and severe weather. No experience is needed, and all training is free of charge. The department is entirely volunteer, and benefits for active members may include life insurance, property tax breaks, tuition assistance, and other benefits. Please download our membership application.



Applications should be emailed to:  Asst. Chief Greg Santone

or mailed to:
Millwood Fire Chiefs
100 Millwood Road - Box 3
Millwood, NY 10546


What to expect:

1) Submit an application. 

2) You will be contacted for an interview and provided information about a physical exam. We will conduct a background check.

3) After the interview and a successful physical, the membership committee will present your application to the Company for a vote.


New Member FAQ

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: Once you are voted into the fire company, you can participate in our in-house training drills on Tuesday nights, usually 2-3 hours long.  You should also come to our Company meetings on the third Tuesday of every month. A delicious dinner is always served after meetings, and volunteer chefs are always encouraged!

Q: How do I learn how to fight fires?

A: In addition to the weekly drills the fire company provides, NYS and Westchester County Department of Homeland Security provide Firefighter 1 course (FF1). This is an intensive introduction to the basics of firefighting that consists of about 160 hours of classroom time plus hands-on drills. You will have 18 months to complete Firefighter 1.

Active members who have completed FF1 may respond to as many alarms as possible, complete required ongoing training and drills, and participate in other activities. On average, it adds up to about 5 hours a week to meet the minimum requirements ... but we suspect that you will enjoy it so much, we will see you more.

Q: What does it cost?

A:  We provide everything you need!  We cover the costs of your training and required gear.  This includes your firefighting gear (jacket, pants, hood, helmet, gloves, and boots), company uniform, text books, and everything else you need to get started. The Company pays for an annual physical exam, some health benefits, and workman's comp insurance (just in case you stub your toe).

Q: Can high school students join?

A: Yes, high school students can join. (And if you have kids of your own, you are welcome too.) 

Q: Are there any women firefighters?

A: Yes. We welcome everyone to the Fire Company.

Q: Are there any physical fitness requirements or tests? 

A: We have an annual medical exam. Firefighting is a strenuous job, and we encourage all our members to be in good physical shape. You will be performing in potentially dangerous and stressful environments, so being prepared is paramount.  We have a great gym at Station 1 and encourage all our members to use it. 

Q: Do I need previous Firefighter training or experience? 

A: No, we will provide all necessary firefighting and first aid training. Prior experience or training is great, but we welcome applications from all potential volunteers of any experience level.

Q: Do you sleep at the firehouse?

A: No, we respond from home and drive to one of the fire stations when dispatched. The 2 a.m. calls are tough, but our community is counting on us. When bad weather is forecasted, a “standby” may be issued, where members are asked to stay at one of our stations to be ready to respond.  


Questions? Please fill free to contact Assistant Chief  Greg Santone @ 914-438-3257 or




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